Winebottler and EveHQ, Working, Sort of…

EDIT: This no longer works for me since the last update to Winebottler, and since Winetricks are screwed up with that update as well, I have no possibility of even attempting to reinstall it to try again. Such is life. Post retained for historical archives and what not. (EVEMon doesn’t work, either, because it needs .net 4 now, and that doesn’t work with Wine. EFT is still ok, but why not just use pyfa?)


I love my Mac. I also love EveHQ for tracking my skills, making queues, and creating new fits for ships. As far as running these on Wine on the Mac, the best way, nay the only way (since the more or less demise of GTK-EVEMon) has been to use EVEMon and EFT. They are both wonderful apps in their own right, but I like the all in one approach of EveHQ.


Earlier this week, I saw on the EVE-O forums that someone had managed to get EveHQ running through Winebottler on a Mac. I was elated. I downloaded the install, played with some winetricks, and got it up and running. Everything appeared to be working great:


I could create queues, make fittings, the API information updated properly, I was happy as a bug in a rug. Until today.

I decided that it was time to dig a little deeper, and make sure everything worked as it should. Opened up the map tool, couldn’t select a different Region:

Created some symbolic links to point the cache in the right direction, standings won’t update. Market from EVE-Central? Not even close.

Prism and the wormhole plugins both seem to work very well, but I encountered what is probably the final fatal flaw when I opened the item browser. Try and select any item, then view its attributes, and you get:

I just can’t have that. It saddens me greatly, because I really love EveHQ, but I guess I will just have to go back to EVEMon and EFT and using EveHQ on my Winders computers and through Parallels.

I do want to say that I love Flammards Mac EVE Tools app. If I knew how to program with Cocoa I would love to help him out, but unfortunately in the real world I am only an RPG IV programmer. Maybe I’ll find the time some day.

Oh, and one final thing, I don’t know how many people use EVE Metrics, but I really like it for prices. They have a windows based uploader that I have running through Winebottler. If anyone is interested I can put up a post about how I did it. I also am going to redo my post from my personal, non-EVE, site about running EVEMon and EFT through Winebottler with some important updates.

  • Dimitris R Havlidis

    Krispy does this work for you still with Mavericks?

    • Honestly, since they moved to using SQL and .Net 4.0, I haven’t been able to get this to work. Same goes for EVEMon. I have a low resources Windows XP VM in Parallels that I use if I want to run either of those, but mainly just use Vitality on my Mac for skill training and EFT in a Wineskin Winery wrapper, which I have posted over on EVE-Files, for fits.

      • Dimitris R Havlidis

        Thank you Krispy, I was actually doing the same as well. Have you found any good app to manage your BPOs/Manufacturing?

        • EVEMeep works in Wine, sort of. It looks kind of ugly and sometimes the text doesn’t show for item descriptions, but I might be missing a few necessary Winetricks to get it to work properly.