The Importance of Changing your Overview

Having recently moved into a now Corp, which is part of a 0.0 Alliance, and moving out to my new null sec home, I neglected to make any changes to my overview. Luckily, this did not cause me any serious issues, since I haven’t had the chance to do anything too fun yet, but it almost got me in trouble.

Yesterday, I took a vacation day from work and spent the day at home with my two year old while my elder boy was at school. He took a nap in the afternoon, and I decided I would log in for a little bit to start making some bookmarks for the systems around my base of operations.

Initially, I left with my nano-Stabber, but I wasn’t happy with it (I love it for fleets, but just wasn’t feeling it for making bookmarks for some reason). I decided to dock back up and switch to my Jaguar because it is just so damn sexy. Upon hitting station, I see a red on my overview.

The Alliance I am in is NRDS, so I thought, available target, but luckily I hesitated, docked up, and didn’t shoot. Turns out, after checking local and seeing his name, he was not a Red, but just an Outlaw in one of the Alliance pet corporations, with +5 standing. Good thing I didn’t shoot.

Upon undocking, I checked my overview settings, and I still had Outlaws selected with a red background, and higher on the list than standing greater than +5, this being from my short time in Low Sec in few months ago.

Just remember, kiddies, if you move to a new sector of space, always update your overview accordingly, because you don’t want to get yourself into hot water with your Corp/Alliance, and you don’t want to be like this guy:

Lo all;

for those that use multiple computers for EVE I recently learned a simple lesson.PVP, and all overview settings, are not saved globally. IE in your eve character. They are saved locally to the computer.So if you chanage machines you need to reset the overview set up!I was madly resetting mine bewteeen gates recently otw to a fight *.* Not the way I recomend preparing for fleet engagements. o/


Unfortunately, the time I spent fine tuning my overview meant I didn’t get to make bookmarks, but I should be able to do that tonight or tomorrow after work.