EVE Online plus Evernote, a Winning Combination

This is not going to be inherently very EVE related, but more about a tool that, in my opinion, everyone can find a use for, and something that would definitely be useful for the average player of EVE Online.
I am talking about the cloud based note taking website/program Evernote.

There are many guides out there from the numerous EVE Bloggers, charts for items such as damage types, hell I am not going to even try to list everything out there, but you know there is a wealth of information available out there to help you be a better player. The problem is, keeping track of all of the information you want.

Evernote has both a Windows and a Mac client (sorry, no Linux), and when installed a button is added to IE on Windows and Safari on the Mac that allows you to “Send to Evernote.” This allows you to send a highlighted part of a web page, or even the entire web page, directly to your Evernote application on your computer. In addition, there is a Firefox extension, a Chrome extension, and the Evernote webclipper. If you have Evernote installed, the Firefox extension will send it directly to the programmer, but Chrome and the webclipper will both go to the cloud portion. Also, the webclipper will work in the IGB. You just need to install it in your OOG browser, edit the bookmark so you can get all the juicy code, then paste it into a new bookmark in the IGB.

In addition, if you write lots of wonderful guides that you think people would like to be able to clip and keep track of, there is Evernote Site Memory which adds a little button that allows your readers to save the post directly to their Evernote account. You can even earn money for each person who signs up for a premium account by using your site memory button through the Evernote Affiliate Program.

Not only are there computer based programs, they also have apps for the major smart phones out there, iPhone (also iPod touch), Android, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, and even for the iPad. You can take pictures and store them as notes, upload PDF files with a free account, and the text in any pictures you take or in the PDF files becomes instantly searchable.

Basically, my only question is, why are you still reading this and not downloading and signing up for Evernote yet?