ISK 3.0(Redux)

At the request of MMM Publishing, I am taking down the single page version I created from theirs. They will be posting an updated version in both double wide and single page versions in the near future.

I know what you’re thinking, it came out 22 days ago, everyone has written about it, why are you putting up a post right now? Bear with me, we will get to that in just a minute.

We all know about the Industrial-Sized Knowleadgebase (aka ISK 3.0) and what an amazing tool it is. If there were ever a strategy guide made for EVE Online1 it would not contain half the information in ISK 3.0. But there is a problem with the guide.

When the makers of the earlier versions of ISK created their document, they made it like any normal single page document, easily printed. When ISK 3.0 came out, all of the pages were double wide. While this may make it look nice and pretty and big, if you have any desire to print it, you are pretty much screwed, especially if you want the page on the right. I know, you can use legal sized paper and a paper cutter, but dammit, that is annoying.

So, because of this annoying limitation, I spent yesterday chopping every single page in half, assembling it into a new pdf file, and shrinking it to a useable size. There are no bookmarks in it, yet. I’ll get to it, but at least it is a printable file now, right?

Get it here nowhere.


I found that when I transferred the file to my iPhone the pics were all screwed up. I should have tested it earlier, my fault entirely, and I hate to make you download it all over again, but I uploaded a new file which has been iOS device tested. Still at the same link.

Sorry for the inconvience.

  1. If you try and mention the Prima guide, I will pod you IRL.

  • You bloody hero! I’ve been meaning to get around to doing this myself!
    I don’t want to print it but reading it on an iPad was a real pain with the double page thing!

    • I don’t know about being a hero, but damn it was annoying as hell.

      Bookmarks will take time, because it is almost 400 pages long, but they will be there soon™.

  • I agree that what you did was amazing….referencing it on the iphone is so much nicer now.
    Thx Krispy D

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  • Ian

    Don’t bother with the links – the official version is coming soon from us here at EON Magazine. But please contact me – ian at