Give Me Your Thoughts, Please…

Friends, capsuleers, denizens of New Eden, lend me your eyes.

This is just me crowd sourcing for interest. Today, in the tweetfleet, we were talking about killing Bucky O’Hair, a standard topic of conversation, and the wheels started turning.

If you have never heard of Project Halibut, it is an initiative started originally by Chainer Cygnus with the torch now being carried by both him and Garheade of Aideron Robotics to help new players in the game with fitted ships to fly.

I’ve donated some isk to the Project, mainly as part of the save Angus program that I posted about on Friday, but I would like to help and have some fun at the same time, so I was thinking and thinking, and I thought, why not have a contest? Probably because I’m always broke, I can’t put up a lot of capital for prizes, but what about a contest, with an entrance fee, and have it work like a 50/50 drawing? Maybe not 50/50, more like 60/40, with the 60 to Project Halibut.

Here is the general idea:
A Battle Royale with a 5 million isk entry fee. T1 frigates only, T1 fits only, no smartbombs, no podding, last man standing gets the prize.

Simple enough, right? But would there be any interest? If not, then I won’t take it any further, if so, then the more the merrier since that increases the size of the pot and means more isk to the winner and Project Halibut.

Bad idea, good idea, fair to middling idea, let me know what you think, please

  • No smartbombs 🙁 shame those are actually alot of fun to use hehe imagine buck and the podgoo after a smartbomb explosion 😉

  • Manasi

    I’d be down with this. 🙂

  • I like the idea! 5m sounds like a good starting point if it’s a FFA last man standing will get quite abit aslong as there lot’s of people but even 5/6 pilots would still be worth doing! If it gains speed I’ll be in and I’ll also add a dramiel to the prize pool =] so cash for 2nd + 3rd mebbe and a dram for 1st? Lemme know =]


  • I’ll probably lose hilariously but sure, I’m game.

  • Sounds like an amazing time, and I would love to participate- time and location permitting.