Why We Need Aurum

In today’s Dev Blog, CCP announced the inclusion of vanity items for a new currency called Aurum. Since then, there has been a lot of complaining on the Tweetfleet about the creation of a new currency and why not just use ISK which already exists. There is a simple reason, the price must remain stable.

The purchasing power of ISK, as we all know, fluctuates based off of the entirely player driven economy. I am not going to go into details as to why, because I am not an economist, but it does. Especially when it comes to the previously existing RMT in the game, PLEX. (RMT has been around far longer, but that is outside the scope of this post). In order to keep the ability to purchase vanity items with real money, the only possible way is with the introduction of a new currency in the game, and I get the feeling that this was done since EVE is played around the world, there are many different currencies around the world, and using the existing PLEX system is just far easier.

Personally, I don’t want to have to purchase vanity items on a sliding scale if the ISK faucets start to outweigh the ISK sinks, inflation runs rampant, and the value of my ISK bottoms out. I want to be able to know that, of the portion of my $17.50US that I just spent for a unicorn that farts rainbows, that rainbow farting unicorn will always cost me that exact same amount.

I think the problem, as stated by Mark726 is that people are trying to equate ISK to having a real world value. It doesn’t. While it may appear to from the purchasing and selling of PLEX in game, this is still an imaginary value based on in game market fluctuation. Aurum values, on the other hand, will have a static real world value for vanity items, and nothing else, or the CSM may do bad things

I could, and should, delve deeper into this, but I think I feel a boss breathing down my neck.

Aurum regulates the price of in game vanity items only by keeping the ration of PLEX to Aurum static. Nothing else.

  • Russell Bulmer

    Why we don’t need Aurum.
    There is a simple reason: the price must fluctuate.
    I don’t want to have to purchase vanity items on a static scale decided by CCP.

    • Ok, and since CCP will allow vanity items to be sold on the market for ISK, that means that you have your ability to still get them through ISK. It is just for those of us that want to use RMT to purchase them that Aurum will come in to play.

  • I think there is a second, related aspect: if I read this right, the only way to create Aurum, and hence vanity items, is through PLEX, that means that even if I bought a vanity item with Bot-ISK on the market, somebody at some point has paid real money to CCP in order to create the item in the first place.