How I Choose to Spend My Time

With the shitstorm lately surrounding a lot of items that have been leaked this past week, there have been a lot sf people crying “I quit”. I don’t care to discuss these items, enough has been said already, I posted my thoughts about a portion of it on the forums, instead I have a better way to spend my time.

Having fun in EVE.

We all know about the massive protest in Jita, so I went with a couple Corp mates to check it out. We laughed and them, I grabbed a couple screenshots:



And then we all got bored and left. I did see Winterblink and Mark726 in system, but they were just there checking things out. It was funny when I mentioned to the Corp mates about Blinky that some of them had no idea who he was. I guess being an Internet spaceship celebrity doesn’t spill over to the newbs.

Once I was bored enough with that, I ran Level 4s with a Corp mate and talked with everyone on Teamspeak, strengthening the bonds and working on the whole whole making the new friends in game thing, because that is far more important than any leaked document or speculative rumor.

I’m not going anywhere. I still need to move into a wormhole with The Night Crew, and that should happen soon, I’ve been dragging my feet with real life garbage, but in all honesty, I think the past two weeks have just rekindled my desire to play more.

  • Gerth Dopple

    There’s a lot of Eve celebrities I’d never heard of before hearing about them and their exploits from corp/alliance members.

    Glad to hear that you’re moving into a WH.

    I’ll be there waiting to shoot you in the face 🙂