To Bootcamp or not to Bootcamp

I’ve done this in the past, used to have a very large 100GB partition dedicated to Windows 7 that I also used with Parallels so I could run important work programs, but which I deleted because somehow I have used over 400GB on my HDD now (what in the hell is all that shit?), but with the release of Incarna, and the paltry 10FPS I get when using CQ on the Mac client with the lowest settings possible, I decided to make a small 20GB partition, spend about 2 hours downloading EVE for Windows, and install it to see if there was much of a performance difference.

I was surprised by what I saw.

For starters, I use an early 2009 13″ MacBook. It is not a MacBook Pro, just the lower end model. Nothing special, and the GPU isn’t anything spectacular. It has alway run EVE well, and I could even run four accounts simultaneously on the lowest settings, which is where I usually kept things anyway because, while EVE is pretty on the full settings, I always preferred having 50FPS over 15FPS.

I have shader model 3 support with the Apple drivers for my video card, so no problems there, although I have seen that a lot of people with older Macs have experienced issues where there video card supports SM3 under Windows, but not under OS X, and therefore if they want to play EVE they must have a Bootcamp partition set up with Windows. To all the whiners about not having SM3 support, it’s been a year and a half, almost, since they said it would be required in the future. You’ve had time. But I digress.

So, set up Windows, installed the client, and fired it up to find…

The exact same performance. Approximately 40-50 FPS on mediumish settings when in space, about 12FPS on the lowest settings when in station.

This actually tells me two things:

  1. They have actually increased performance on the Mac client (about damn time)
  2. I don’t NEED to Bootcamp

Which leaves me with the question, should I Bootcamp?

In my opinion, no. I definitely should not.

Remember the Linux client? There were not enough users of the Linux client to make it worthwhile for CCP to continue support of it, so it went away. The less Mac users there are, the more likely the Mac client could eventually become deprecated, and then I would be forced to lose drive space to a Windows partition, which I hate, because I know I’ll need that space for something, since I’m almost like a damn pack rat.

If you have to Bootcamp to play the game because of SM3 support, please do, but if not, don’t. Seriously. We need to make sure the Mac client does not go the way of the dodo.

  • Ryan Hart

    Loved your post here. You just convinced me to stick with the Mac client, both because they are reportedly equal in performance and because I want the Mac client to stick around and improve.