EVE Online and iOS: The App List

Since the death of Capsuleer, there have been numerous apps appear on the iOS app store for character tracking in EVE. Some good, some ok, some better left not mentioning. In addition to the character tracking apps, there are also a few trading apps and one that deals completely with reprocessing. I want to try and collect all of the apps in one place, with links to them in iTunes, and perhaps even provide a review of each.

Since there are as many as there are, the reviews are going to be spread out, hopefully posting one a day, until I have hit everything out there. Today, we are just starting with the list of what I am aware of.

If you know of apps that I’m missing, please let me know in the comments and I will get them added, download them, and hopefully put up a review.

I’m going to divide them out between all in one, straight character trackers, and the few “other” apps that are available.

All links should open directly in iTunes and are free unless otherwise noted.

All in one:

Character Trackers:


As I write the reviews, which I hope to post one every day or 2 until complete, this post will be updated with links directrly to those posts.