ISKies: The Time Code Bazaar Tracker


When I first looked at this app, my initial thougt was, people still use the Time Code Bazaar on the forums? Isn’t that why we have PLEX?

Turns out, some people do. I’m guessing maybe people who can’t buy from one of the authorized ETC retailers? I don’t know, but people do.

In case you don’t know, the Time Code Bazaar has been around since (a certain period of time) and is where you could sell Game Time Codes (like the current EVE Time Codes, only slightly different) which came in 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day flavors. They are now only available as 60 day codes. Basically, you could spend real money, buy a GTC, sell it on the bazaar for ISK, and you got a nice shot to the wallet and someone else got to play for “free”. Much like how things work today with ETC and PLEX, which is why when people were crying when PLEX were first introduced into the game I liked to point them to the Time Code Bazaar.

About the app…

The entire app consists of 3 screens.

ETC60 sell price:

ETC60 Sell Price

























ETC60 buy price:

ETC60 Buy Price

























Price watcher:

Set Price Watcher

























You can set individual watchers for both the buy and sell prices. A green bar is set across the graph:

Sell Price Set










And when that price is reached, you get a push notification:

Push Notification

























It’s a very simple and straightforward app. It isn’t flashy doesn’t try to cram anything extra in there that isn’t needed, but at the same time I am left scratching my head wordering why we need ISKies. Maybe someone has a use for it, but as for me? Deleted:

ISKies Deleted