Red Federation, Day 1

In an effort to play more, and have fun doing it, I decided to join in on the RvB pew pew good times in Lonetrek. Application entered and accepted, I’m in the corp, time for some assplodey space ship fun, right?

Not so much for my first day, because I’m a lame individual, it seems.

Day 1, I log in. I realize I need to make some overview changes, check to see who we are currently at war with, check local for any reds, don’t see any, good, and take my Drake out to a local asteroid field to make sure I have all my windows and target locations and the like set up the way I want it, and to make an “RvB PVP” tab.

Hit the asteroid belt, do a little bit of configuring, and my computer crashes because of a clock interrupt on one of my cores. I’ve been having a problem with the third core on my CPU, thought it was fixed, guess I was wrong, turned it off again, such is life.

Anywho, I reboot the PC and while I’m waiting I start looking through the forums on my iPad. My intention was to start moving ships around with Louis, make some tacticals with Ned, and move out to Red Fed HQ.

Instead, I fell asleep.

I guess life is just an evil thing some times.

I also neglected to add a skill to Louis’ training queue, so now he’s not even training. Must fix that shortly.