Monthly Archives April 2010

Accessing Fittings and Saved Overview from Multiple EVE Clients on the Mac (OOC)

If you run multiple EVE Clients on Windows, you know that you saved overview and fittings will be in your Documents/EVE folder and accessible from all of the clients easily. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the Mac because of Cedega. There is an easy way to unify them, though, through the use of […]

EVE in Full Window Mode on a Mac (sort of) OOC

If you play EVE on Windows, you know that running in window mode is as easy as selecting Window Mode from the drop down in your graphics settings (Or pressing Alt+Enter). Through the use of EVEHQ, EVEMon, or EVE Mover, you can easily have your client appear in “Full Window Mode” where the title bar […]

Convert Year to YC for EVE (OOC)

I cannot believe that this was as easy as it turned out to be. I had discussed this with Xeross a short while ago, but a tweet by Rettic reminded me about it this afternoon. I had wanted a way to show the year on my posts as the EVE year, and a simple little […]