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The Difference Between MT and PLEX

This was posted by Malcanis on Kugutsumen, but I definitely think it needs posted and shared everywhere Original posting “Originally Posted by Kazanir You spend the equivalent of hundreds or thousands on your supercaps or your pimp mission ships and some people spend real money for those too, albeit through the secondary channel of PLEX. […]

To Bootcamp or not to Bootcamp

I’ve done this in the past, used to have a very large 100GB partition dedicated to Windows 7 that I also used with Parallels so I could run important work programs, but which I deleted because somehow I have used over 400GB on my HDD now (what in the hell is all that shit?), but […]

How I Choose to Spend My Time

With the shitstorm lately surrounding a lot of items that have been leaked this past week, there have been a lot sf people crying “I quit”. I don’t care to discuss these items, enough has been said already, I posted my thoughts about a portion of it on the forums, instead I have a better […]

How to become an ISK Billionaire!

On the Twitters today, Arydanika got an @ reply about some lame ass ISK making guide that I am sure we have all seen floating around the internet at some point, and that I am not going to link here because I don’t feel they need more traffic, but, honestly, this is how I think […]