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How to become an ISK Billionaire!

On the Twitters today, Arydanika got an @ reply about some lame ass ISK making guide that I am sure we have all seen floating around the internet at some point, and that I am not going to link here because I don’t feel they need more traffic, but, honestly, this is how I think […]

Why We Need Aurum

In today’s Dev Blog, CCP announced the inclusion of vanity items for a new currency called Aurum. Since then, there has been a lot of complaining on the Tweetfleet about the creation of a new currency and why not just use ISK which already exists. There is a simple reason, the price must remain stable.

The Scammers are Getting Restless

  [22:40:03] Peter Packet > Do you want to earn billions of ISK through scamming? The Complete Guide to Eve Scamming™ will teach you how to. 30+ pages of techniques, methods, mentality and history. Send me 5 mil, and you’ll receive access to the guide through mail (file in pdf) [22:40:18] Peter Packet > <=== […]