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To Bootcamp or not to Bootcamp

I’ve done this in the past, used to have a very large 100GB partition dedicated to Windows 7 that I also used with Parallels so I could run important work programs, but which I deleted because somehow I have used over 400GB on my HDD now (what in the hell is all that shit?), but […]

Multiple EVE Clients From One Install, on a Mac

For me, this has been the Holy Grail of how I can make my EVE experience on a Mac be the best it possibly can. I have had multiple installs, taking up around 35gb of total hard drive space since I started my fourth account, and I had wondered for a long time if there […]

I Cannot Believe it Was That Easy

I know, cryptic title or something. Basically I just cleaned up about 30gb worth of EVE Online installs from the HDD of my MacBook, while still retaining the ability to play multiple accounts, having different preferences for each, and not causing the usual read write errors you get when you do a normal open -n […]

EVE in Full Window Mode on a Mac (sort of) OOC

If you play EVE on Windows, you know that running in window mode is as easy as selecting Window Mode from the drop down in your graphics settings (Or pressing Alt+Enter). Through the use of EVEHQ, EVEMon, or EVE Mover, you can easily have your client appear in “Full Window Mode” where the title bar […]