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Angus McDecoy Escapes From the Clutches of EVE Commune and Maniacal Madman Garheade!

In what can only be described as a daring move of the utmost stupidity, Angus McDecoy of Fly Reckless escaped from the station in Scheenins where Garheade and Chainer Cygnus of EVE Commune were holding him captive under a couch purportedly stolen from (and we can only assume violated many times over by) the Space […]

Give Me Your Thoughts, Please…

Friends, capsuleers, denizens of New Eden, lend me your eyes. This is just me crowd sourcing for interest. Today, in the tweetfleet, we were talking about killing Bucky O’Hair, a standard topic of conversation, and the wheels started turning.

Angus McDecoy Kidnapped by Rival Broadcaster

In an effort that can only be described as drastic, Garheade and Chainer Cygnus of EVE Commune fame have kidnapped fellow podcaster from Fly Reckless, Angus McDecoy. While I do not support acts of this nature, Garheade has offered to provide kicks to the head for a mere 50million isk apiece. I better get my […]